Grendel Films


Grendel Films was created as a means to an end; that end being to produce quality documentary films that would tug at the conscience of the viewer. What happened is that the areas I explored as practice took on a life all their own. See below for film descriptions. Purchase options at bottom of page.

Keeping the Watch


Keeping the Watch was my first venture into indie filmmaking. I profiled several unknown Bigfoot researchers including one of the first appearances by M. K. Davis and his analysis of the Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967. The film also features, "Chanda" from Missouri, Carol Solomon, David Shealy and Dan Jackson from Florida, as well as a conversation with Lloyd Pye concerning hominids. Sadly Carol Solomon and Lloyd Pye have passed, both due to cancer. This is a good look at their seminal work.

Spotlight on the Patterson Gimlin Film


This project focused upon M. K. Davis's analysis of the Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967. It explores his methods, details the science behind film and motion picture footage, as well an interesting theory about how Bigfoot creatures may have made their way to North America.

Hunt the Dogman


Grendel Films partnered with Kentucky author and folklorist Barton Nunnelly on this film which primarily concerned Nunnelly's own experiences in the town of Spottsville Kentucky with a creature that became known as the Spottsville Monster. It allegedly terrorized Bart's family in the early 1970s and is as of yet unexplained. Another segment is devoted to the legend of the Beast of the Land Between the Lakes, a piece by Linda Godfrey and an analysis of the Gable Film; a piece of found footage allegedly depicting a Dogman like creature. The Beast of the LBL was debunked when I did some deep vetting of Jan Thompson, the promoter of the legend, and the TV show Monster Quest exposed the Gable Film as a hoax. Still, this an interesting journey into Kentucky folklore.

Keeping the Watch Volume II


This film features more unknown, everyday people who study and research the Bigfoot phenomenon. Of particular note is an interview with Steve Dismore back in the LBL in Kentucky. Dismore perpetrated an elaborate hoax on me at the time, and a year later disrupted a second venture into the area by fighting with another researcher over pain pills. Later he and his daughter would go to prison for selling opioids, and Dismore is now serving a life sentence for murder. Other participants are James Jenkins who led me into southern Arkansas to the sites of his encounters, Pat Rance a Florida researcher who allegedly had hundreds of hours of footage of Bigfoot...but never released a single frame, Thomas Hughes of College Station Texas who claimed to speak telepathically to Bigfoot, and Scott Marlowe; a pseudo-scientific professor from Winter Haven without a degree who claims great knowledge of and experience with the Florida Skunk Ape. It also includes a segment where I engage a pair of psychics to look into an area of land where another researcher had visions of Native Americans and settlers from the 1800s. The results were surprising.

Hoax of the Century


This film devastates the myth of the Patterson Gimlin Film of 1967. It contains a long interview with author and investigative reporter Greg Long detailing the results of his trip to Yakima and the people he talked to, including a bilked investor into Patterson's film venture, as well as interviews with Bob Heironimus who wore the suit and Philip Morris who sold the suit and materials to Patterson. No reasonable human being can watch this one hour film and still believe the PG Film is genuine. Sadly this was a partnership gone badly with C. Thomas Biscardi. This film is a redacted version which has all references to and appearances by Biscardi and his crew removed. It will be delivered in a plain DVD box and a generic DVD disc label. Despite the redaction the film is irrefutable evidence that the PG Film was a well orchestrated hoax by Patterson.

Ashley's Shadow


This was my first venture into feature filmmaking. Ashley's Shadow was penned by the late Charlie and Dot Diehl Carson in 2003. It was written first as a screenplay, then a book. Charlie Carlson was a Florida Folklorist and author of the best selling Weird Florida, which sold millions of copies. Ashley's Shadow suffered three failed production attempts over the years, resulting in nothing being released. In 2013 I approached Carlson for permission to work on the film, and he agreed. But the concensus was that the production was cursed. The three previous attempts had been met with failure due to disease, accidents and even hurricanes destroying a production company. Our attempt was fraught with problems from day one. It began as a mentoring project under the guidance of the FMPTA (Florida Motion Pictures and Television Association) and utilized exclusively all volunteer actors and crew. That in and of itself was a nearly insurmountable task as we would find out. But the real problaem began with an overly ambitious director who had worked with Carlson before and whom Carlson did not like. So, as fate would have it, an angry Carlson fired Scott Marlowe on day two of the shooting as he sat on the sidelines regaling people with stories of his accomplishments as Carlson and I had to direct in addition to our other duties. Marlowe was offered an alternative position but elected to take his toys and go home; embarking on a smear campaign on social media and a court challenge by him that the judge dismissed. After that the FMPTA dissolved due to malfeasence in office and corruption. My first inclination was to scrap the project. But at the urging of the cast and crew, I forged ahead. This is no masterpiece. What it is is an honest effort by some great people who gave their time and talents to see it through as Charlie became ill and passed, never seeing his film released. If nothing else it was the only effort that made it to completion and that says something. As such I am offering it free of charge. You can stream it HERE.